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Live  in the land of  PEACE  &  STABILITY

PARAÍSO VERDE” (“GREEN PARADISE FARM”) is located in the North Central Valley of Costa Rica, close to the town of Upala.

This is where we offer a small group of 1 to 2 acre farms that provide the space and ability to create your own homestead.

Imagine being surrounded by Avocado trees, Coconut Palms and many other tropical fruit trees that provide for you and your family.

Beside living in a gorgeous area, you can also get Costa Rican residency with an investment of $150,000 in this small farm.

In addition to that, No taxes on charged on worldwide income. Residents get taxed on Costa Rican sourced income only.

It simply doesn´t get any better than this !

Take control of your  future with a small farm in Costa Rica

Each 1 or 2 acre farm will have its own house, barn  and most of its land will be area to plant so they will be dedicated to harvest different products so that this small community will have lots of self-produced vegetables, live in harmony together but separate, helping each other and maintaining a beautiful peaceful atmosphere to live in an enclosed area with complete tranquility and peace at the North of Costa Rica, in the area of Upala, yet being able to enjoy services such as electricity and internet. 

This is the ideal combination of country living and modern progress together in a private area surrounded by green areas and close to three volcanoes, several thermal baths, gorgeous water falls, clean rivers

All in a peaceful area of one the happiest countries of the world, with no army and dedicated to the wellbeing of their peaceful and pleasant population. Altogether a real dream and an ideal area to get away 

We are preparing this Farms Condo for you. When you are ready to participate lets us know and we will help you design yours together with us as you may deem most convenient.

Contact us to participate in designing your own 2-acre farm condo unit in Upala, Alajuela, Costa Rica:


Land where all five farms are being built

“Paraíso Verde”: Description

To have a detailed Farms Description (CLICK HERE)

“PARAÍSO VERDE”  consist of  eight units each of  1 or 2 acres, side to side, and all with direct access to Road Number “6”.  These  farms are independent units paralell to each other. Everyone might plant different vegetables and fruits so that all five units may share their crops with thier neighbors becoming a small self-protecting condo.

The use of the land will be intended only for agricultural purposes and evryone will commit to maintaining the area only for this purpose. 

Foto 26
Foto 22

Being relatively close to the town it still maintains its unique identity making it a beautiful area to live close to each other and keeping the area as a way to protect each other and to remain free from the city noise and aggresive way of living. You will relax and maintain stress free in an atmosphere that invites everyone to a great quality form of living.

Electricity and water are available for all  units. They are named as Costa Rican typical fruits.

They are located about 10 miles from the town of UPALA where you can buy everything you may need, as well as the hospital and many other entertainment, restaurants, convenient stores, gas station and the like.  these makes this gorgeous location ideal to live in peace and still have access to everything you may need.

Upala Farm Condo is close to several natural places such as three volcanoes several thermal baths, beautiful clean rivers and a whole lot of turistic places to enjoy as well! You may move here and really change your life style for the best, live stronger, happier and much longer!


If you leave from San Jose on Route “1” heading North West, and shorthy after you pass the town of “Canas” you will find Road “6” where you will take a right heading North again, drive approximately 35 miles until you reach the entrance of the town of Upala. Right before entering the town take a left heading West, drive for about 6.5 miles and take the road to the left (heading South to approach the Farms). 

Half a mile later you will find that the road forks, head towards the right for 1.25 miles and from this point you will arrive to another fork where you shall see a house with a red roof, take a left for 1.2 miles and find the Farms on your right.

The whole road is a pleasant drive with no cliffs and is offers a fantastic green view  all around



Beautiful Upala Area

Rio Celeste near “Paraiso Verde”

Bijagua near “Paraiso Verde”

Our Story


The idea of “Paraiso Verde” (Green Paradise)  came during a long conversation between a group of friends in a tranquil night in Costa Rica.

We realized that the world is definitely experiencing drastic changes in many ways.  From big world pollution to a high level of aggressiveness in all aspects of life, to economic polarization where a few have most of the wealth, to over population, increasing hatred and defective sanitary conditions worldwide.

We thought that there had to be a place where we could live relaxed, close to a city for emergencies, yet far from all of its typical noise and craziness.

We decided to do something about it and one thing led to another and we created a great idea.  That night the idea of “Paraiso Verde”  was born.

A place where a small group of people can have their 1 or 2-acre homestead,  plant what they eat if they choose to,  and share or trade with the others in this community.   In many ways, its a throwback to times when life was much less complicated and simpler.